About us

Impact investing for more women in top management

Why we do what we do

Our Vision

We want to see more women in top management

We envision a world in which more women in top management will lead to more open discussions, better decision making and more productive cultures in companies.
As a consequence of that we expect better environments for making the best of all available talents, higher productivity, better products and better corporate performances, more flexible career paths and better ways to combine demands of families and careers.

Our Mission

Demonstrate that it makes economic sense to have more women in top management

Investing in Women wants to promote the case that it is not only a moral issue to have more women in top management, but that this makes perfect sense economically.

To make the case, Investing in Women wants to set up a low cost public traded fund that consists of all European companies that have an above average share of women in top management. This fund is expected to outperform stock market benchmarks. Backtesting since 2010 showed that such a fund would have outperformed relevant benchmarks by more than 7% annually.

The Origins

Who founded Investing in Women?

Investing in Women was founded 2015 by Thomas Hagel. Thomas holds a diploma in political science from FU Berlin, an MBA from IESE in Barcelona and is a licensed and registered personal investment advisor. As political scientist Thomas has been working in the field of development economics and from this perspective he could recognize the role of women for sustainable economic development from early on.

Working in management in Germany and in other European countries after obtaining his MBA hasn't changed this perspective ever since.

Besides this, Thomas is a proud father of a smart young lady of 16 years.